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How to Enjoy Your “Summer Break”


Whether or not you are taking a vacation this summer you can always get a small taste of paradise with Block House Brewing’s Summer Break craft beer. This brew has layers of ruby-red grapefruit, seasonal fruits, and a splash of refreshing lemonade giving you that true summer flavor you crave. But a beer crafted for summer needs to enjoyed in the best possible ways.

You can drink it at a summer cookout with family and friends

Bring some Summer Break to the lakeside beaches

Kick it by the pool in your own backyard

Drink it on the step of your porch with mans best friend

Drink some under the night sky by a lake

Take some on a camping trip and enjoy around a campfire

Take some on a boat trip down the Allegheny

Whatever you do, be sure to grab a taste of Summer Break this summer. If you would like to share your Summer Break experience with us please use the #BHSummerBreak on Facebook Twitter or Instagram. We would love to see how you enjoy your blockhouse brews! We will be sure to share and feature our favorites.

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