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Make a Friend Day is February 11

Make A Friend Day – February 11th

It’s always a great day to make a new friend.  So it seems very fitting that there would be a “Make A Friend Day” on the calendar to complement so many other special appreciation sort-of-days.  Personally, I have found there is no better way to make a new friend than with a nice, cold, delicious, locally brewed and bottled beer.

In my experience, any time I am giving out beer samples, people are usually up for at least a brief conversation, if not a much longer conversation that delves into the very meaning of life.  It’s really a trust building exercise.  They rely on my knowledge to let them try the beer I have, and to also guide them in recommending a beer to please themselves, a significant other, or a group of people for whom they are buying.

Beer permits a certain commonality between all types of people.  You really get a feel for someone when you know what their beer-of-choice is and why they drink it.  Craft beer or domestic?  Full-flavor or light?  Porter/stout, IPA, hefeweizen (wheat), or fruity-flavor beer?  Do you like a shot and a beer?  Those people aren’t messing around and are probably the toughest people you will come across.

Whether it is “Free Beer Friday,” “Turn Up Tuesday” (as the young-uns call it), “Thirsty Thursday,” or any other day of the week, a new friend in need, needs a beer, indeed.  So go ahead and invite the neighborhood over, crack open a cold Iron City, IC Light, Blockhouse, or American.  Or buy a stranger a beer at the bar, pay-it-forward, and make yourself a new friend.  I’ll drink to that.

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