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Thank You Steelers

Thanks for some great memories guys!

To finish in the Final Four is a super accomplishment.

Have a terrific off season!

We’re already looking forward to the draft and seeing you at training camp in the summer in Latrobe!

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Introducing IPA

We are excited to announce we have a new year round product! Block House Brewing India Pale Ale pours a light copper color with a cool frothy head. The boldness of the 6.2% ABV is balanced perfectly with a blend of Centennial, Cascade and Chinook hops. A strong malt backbone is combined with mineral rich water, giving a crisp and refreshing taste. With a subtle citrus aroma that enchants the nose, your senses will be stunned with this striking IPA.

Unlock the flavor of Block House Brewing IPA!

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Introducing Oktoberfest


Block House Brewing’s newest brew: Oktoberfest

This full body ale pours a brilliant copper color with subtle golden hues. Crystal malts bring out the classic flavors of old munich in this traditional ale. Our grains and hops are picked fresh from the harvest season for an authentic festival experience; with notes of caramel and honey. Laggard over the summer to simulate the ice caverns of traditional Marzen-Oktoberfestbier and help enrich the malty taste.

Unlock the flavor of Autumn with Block House Oktoberfest.