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Introducing Oktoberfest


Block House Brewing’s newest brew: Oktoberfest

This full body ale pours a brilliant copper color with subtle golden hues. Crystal malts bring out the classic flavors of old munich in this traditional ale. Our grains and hops are picked fresh from the harvest season for an authentic festival experience; with notes of caramel and honey. Laggard over the summer to simulate the ice caverns of traditional Marzen-Oktoberfestbier and help enrich the malty taste.

Unlock the flavor of Autumn with Block House Oktoberfest.

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It’s that time of year again and our Pumpkin Ale is back! We want to hear about how you first fell for our Pumpkin Ale. Did you find it in a bar? Around a campfire? Did your best friend introduce you to it? Whatever your story may be share it with us using the hashtag #FallForPumpkin